Beat Manchester City and Newcastle’s new transfer record on the same day? Press repeat …

At times it can seem difficult to come to terms with this with Newcastle United.

However, sometimes GOOD things happen in our football club.

When your team has only won once in seven and a half months, any football fan would be right to wonder when there might be some light at the end of the tunnel.

So it is with many Newcastle United fans this one victory over Burnley earlier this month, the only victory since the pair of triumphs over Sheffield United and Fulham already relegated in May 2021.

I want you to think back 35 months …

A cold winter night, January 29, 2019.

Newcastle United had just managed to break out of the relegation zone, a win in the previous game against Cardiff had seen the pair switch places, with NUFC maintaining a place above the drop zone but still just as precarious, just two points in advance.

That night, Newcastle United were playing all of Manchester City‘s mighty silver bags at St James Park.

That night, not just one remarkable thing happened, but two really remarkable things on the same night, incredible.

Just before launching into the game, the Atlanta AJC unveiled this story on January 29, 2019 …

AJC: – Tuesday January 29, 2019:

“Atlanta United and Newcastle agreed on the terms of Miguel Almiron’s transfer on Tuesday, according to a person close to the player.

Almiron, one of MLS’s top players over the past two seasons, flies to Newcastle on Tuesday for a physical exam.

Almiron, 24, helped Atlanta United win the MLS Cup last season. In two seasons, he scored 21 goals, added 28 assists and was named twice to the All-Star Team. He finished second behind Josef Martinez last season in the MVP vote.

The quotes above are the ones I used in my article before I left late for the Man City game. There had been rumors of Almiron signing for about three months, but the most recent reports had been less than positive about it, surely Mike Ashley with just a few days until the window closed, was wrong. suddenly allow Newcastle United transfer record to be broken after all these years of refusing to invest properly in the squad, especially since the promotion with Rafa.

I entered St James Park and had just sat down when Newcastle United gave Manchester City the perfect start with Aguero scoring in the first minute. The idea of ​​breaking transfer records was popping into my mind, as you wondered what damage Man City would inflict after this early disaster.

Then something remarkable happened. Not only did Man City not add to that Aguero goal, but Rondon equalized in the 66th minute.

As the game progressed it was Newcastle United looking positive, pushing the players forward, aiming for victory… certainly not.

Ten minutes later and with Newcastle bringing the players up onto the pitch, Sean Longstaff was one of the NUFC players to put pressure and come out in the box, penalty!

Matt Ritchie put it away, then Manchester City put maximum pressure, only for Newcastle United to resist it all.

The 2-1 win gave Newcastle United real confidence for the rest of the season.

On top of that, the news of that day’s transfer record breaking has turned out to be true.

Miguel Almiron signed for £ 20million and it was a remarkable end to the season.

Just signing this player, along with the confidence / momentum that came with this game against Man City, saw Newcastle United play much better attacking football, Almiron giving the NUFC a new edge that has helped the other players get better. perform.

So much so that Newcastle United have finished this season with the fifth best form in the Premier League in the last 16 games, on top of that they have scored the fifth most goals in those 16 games.

As we all know, it wasn’t about living happily ever after. After all, this is Mike Ashley you were talking about.

However, it proved that good things can happen to Newcastle United.

Also, don’t forget that this was an exceptional Manchester City side that the NUFC came back and beat. After this defeat, Man City played 19 more domestic football matches and won… all 19 !!! In the process of winning the Premier League, the FA Cup and the League Cup.

Which brings us back to the present day, 35 months after that Man City game and Almiron’s record news.

Newcastle United would of course need a repeat of this kind of day today.

When you consider how good Man City were around this time AND how unlikely it was after 12 years of Mike Ashley for this break-up deal to happen… why can’t we dream of a rehearsal tonight?

Man Utd are currently 20 points off the top of the Premier League table, closer to Norwich (and Newcastle) than Man City.

Newcastle United can beat Manchester United, there is no doubt about it. Whether they like it or not is another matter.

Can new NUFC owners beat current club transfer record? Again, absolutely. Will the news be announced before this Man Utd game? Maybe, just maybe.

What I do know for sure is that no matter how miserable things look right now, better times are upon us.

The only question is how big that wedge will be… before we can all start looking up again rather than down.

It doesn’t have to be a transfer record to Newcastle United and how important would it be if the club announced ahead of tonight’s kick-off that the January 1 signing had been agreed? There are only five days left until the official window opens and already a number of other clubs have made public that signatures have been made, ahead of the window opening and the deals to be officially concluded.

The atmosphere will be classy tonight when we start, regardless, however, the news of a new signing could potentially give him and the team the extra edge needed to secure the victory. .

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