Chelsea legend Frank Lampard hails Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola’s influence

Chelsea legend Frank Lampard praised Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola for the influence he had on him as manager.

The former Blues midfielder made 648 appearances for West London and remains the club’s top scorer in history with 211 goals.

He also had a stint as Chelsea manager from 2019 in early 2021 after impressing at the helm of Derby County the season ahead of his return to the capital.

Speaking to Gary Neville on The Overlap, Lampard commented on the impression Guardiola made on him early in his managerial career with the Blues.

“He sent me some voice notes. I don’t like giving private conversations but it’s a good conversation. My first game for Chelsea, we lost at Man Utd 4-0. We played well for 60 minutes and we finished at the counter Face value, 4-0 you can’t defend him as a manager, you have to take him on the chin.

“We went to the Super Cup and lost to Liverpool, we played well and lost on penalties. I was on the plane after the match, a little discouraged, got a voice note from him saying, “The way my team had played was amazing. I loved watching it. ”A really positive chat. It was a vocal note that suppressed itself.

“I wanted to come home… ‘listen to this everyone, Pep said I’m a good manager’. Things like that, touches, impress you as a manager.”


Guardiola has been at the helm of City since 2016, winning three Premier League titles and guiding his side to their first-ever Champions League final last season, with Chelsea being the eventual winner in Porto.

Lampard spent a season playing for the defending Premier League champions in the 14/15 campaign after 12 successful years with the Blues.

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