Comments from Manchester City fans on the Newcastle United takeover situation and what lies ahead

As a Manchester City fan, I have watched some of the comments from other City fans, regarding the Newcastle United takeover and to be honest it doesn’t reflect the general feeling.

Overall, we couldn’t be happier for NUFC at the moment.

Not for reasons that take away our criticism – it never really bothered us – but for the fact that Newcastle have always been a sleeping giant and just need to attract the best players and are now capable of it.

Just like we were before 2008, we never got into the top four.

Moreover, few Newcastle United fans will know but in 2008 Sheikh Mansour was in talks to take over Newcastle but Mike Ashley did not show up to the meeting. aware of this.

As for the future?

As a Manchester City fan, I and the vast majority of other City fans don’t think Newcastle is going to go down – only for the fact that the upcoming Eddie Howe momentum in itself will lift the players.

We also believe that a good majority of the players are good enough to blend into a squad that will soon be filled with TOP quality players.

Each match will now be a cup final for the opposing teams.

Every time you win, the comments will be “just proves that money can buy success”. Every time you lose it just proves that money doesn’t buy success.

This is the only thing the red shirts will have on you now – enjoy it!

Your seats will be closely watched and empty seats highlighted …

The “empty” comments are kind of funny, as we’ve always been aware that our match fan base is smaller than the so-called top four clubs, still around 40,000-50,000 but consistent attendance nonetheless.

Obviously you get the Glory Hunters (you regularly see new faces around you during games – but very rarely last beyond a season).

Good luck and all the best toon.

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