Fast loan – account up to PLN 30,000

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If we run our own business, we will definitely need additional finance facilities. It’s best to have them on your own, but if we can not afford to keep the cash back on the account, we can use the bank’s help. This additional financial background may be an account limit.

One of the newer proposals for quick financing of the company is the Bank – Loan . Under this offer, we can receive up to PLN 30,000 in a company account limit. So it is a loan that we can use at any time without visiting a bank outlet. We wrote about the advantages of such a company credit in an account in in a separate article.

How do you get a Loan?

We can apply for such a loan via the internet. For the initial decision on granting it, we will only need a history of receipts from owned accounts or a company account. On this basis, the bank will assess our creditworthiness and determine the amount of the limit under the loan. For this purpose, we will have to prepare statements for the last 6 months from company accounts. In some situations, the bank may ask us to present a PIT settlement for the previous year. However, no additional collateral will be required to obtain a Loan. We will also not need certificates from the tax office or the Social Insurance Institution. The credit offer will be available to people who have been running a business for at least 12 months.

How does Loan work?

How does Loan work?

A loan is a credit limit in a company account. Thus, the bank provides us with additional financial resources that we can use at any time of the day or night. The limit is granted for a period of 12 months, however, ensuring constant income on the account, it is possible to renew it for the next 12 months. The advantage of the Loan is surely the interest rate of 0%, provided that the client provides a fixed monthly income to the account, in accordance with the terms of the contract. When granting credit in the account, the bank will charge a one-off commission of 4.99% from us. A little more will be the commission for renewing the loan, if we decide to do so after 12 months. The loan renewal fee will be 7.99%.