Former Manchester United star jokes about ‘scandalous’ moment he was released by Sir Alex Ferguson

Gordon Strachan reflected on when he was released by Manchester United.

The former Scotland international joined United from Aberdeen in 1984 before being released in 1989 and joining Leeds United.

Speaking on the Seaman Says PodcastStrachan recalled leaving Old Trafford and having recently discussed it with Sir Alex Ferguson.

He said: “I spoke to Sir Alex a few months ago and we were talking about things and he was talking about the day he let me go to Manchester United.

“It was early in the morning and I told him that and he said ‘I didn’t do that, did I?’ and i said ‘yes you did’ and he said ‘oh that was outrageous’ and i said ‘yes it was but don’t worry cause i thought it was hilarious’ .

“Some of the most horrible moments of your career, I look back now and say ‘this is hilarious’ and everyone thinks that funny.

“There is just something about football that means they can find everything funny, even the strangest moments.

“I just said to Sir Alex ‘look, don’t worry about that, I wouldn’t have missed all that chuckle for the world.

“I think I was lucky to be at the end of these, it was almost every week, but not many people have had Sir Alex’s hair dryer. . “

Asked by ex-Arsenal goalkeeper David Seaman about United at the moment, Strachan laughed: “I turned it off at half-time (Wolves game).

“I was just floating about to try to find something else, I think I was watching skiing from Australia.

“It was really not pleasant and I think it is a little sad when you see how good Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool are and to a certain extent how well organized Wolves were.

“It was a little sad and lifeless and it’s a big job.”

“Hard work becomes a habit,” he added.

“If your habits are ‘well, I don’t really close when I lose the ball,’ it’s hard to get rid of.

“If you look at some of the Man United players they are flashes of fat coming forward, but somehow they lose their rhythm when they go back.”

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