Payday loans online no faxing -Internet payday loans for people with bad credit

You were interested in the Wright loan, but you’re still wondering if it’s worth taking advantage of this lender’s offer? Check what the customers say about the company! Get to know the pros and cons of borrowing at Wright and decide if this loan is right for you!

So easy & convenient with internet payday loans for people with bad credit

The payday loan – Green Start offer will certainly be attractive for people who have bad credit and need a larger amount immediately. At the beginning, Wright offers PLN 2,000. And although this loan is not free, in terms of the height of the first minute, the company can be proud of its position as a leader.

Most loan companies that provide payday loans usually borrow money for 30 days. However, Wright belongs to a group of lenders whose period is much longer – we can have up to 60 days to repay the loan in this company. This is a great solution for people who need to borrow cash but are unable to pay their debt within a month.

Of course, people who do not want to (or can not) make a verification transfer from their bank account will be eager to use Wright offers. For a large number of banks, the company has a special bank account verification system. Thanks to this, it confirms the identity of the client without having to receive a transfer of PLN 1 from him.

The pros and cons of Wright loans

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  • for the maximum amount of the loan (PLN 2,000) can be applied the first time 
  • the loan is also available for people with entry to BIK
  • the lender does not require a verification transfer – in some cases it can be replaced by a special bank account verification system
  • The hotline is open seven days a week
  • the money transfer can take place within one hour of the positive decision to grant the loan
  • long maximum loan period – 60 days


  • the loan can only be taken for 15, 30 or 60 days
  • low amount of the maximum loan (PLN 2000)
  • no special offer for new customers
  • no possibility to extend the repayment date
  • to obtain a loan you must present the following documents: ID card, proof of income, bank account number, a document confirming the address of residence, e.g. a utility bill
  • a small number of bank accounts
  • high costs associated with late repayment of the loan