Loan with guarantor – Without credit rating


Anyone who has a negative entry will get very difficult or no credit at a German bank. Because if you have a negative entry, you are considered by banks as not creditworthy because you have not met his payment obligations in the past. By refusing to grant credit, the German banks want to protect themselves from an increased risk of default. If you still need a loan urgently , there is the possibility to apply for a loan with a guarantor. It will not be easy to get a loan with a guarantee from your own house bank. This special loan is the best way to find out about the internet. There are both special providers who offer a loan with guarantors, but also banks abroad or private lenders give a loan with a guarantee.

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Credit with a guarantee

An international loan can be obtained through a credit intermediary looking for a suitable loan for each borrower. Those who can not obtain a loan on their own, for example because they are unemployed or have too little income, can apply for a loan with a guarantee from a bank abroad. Here, not only loans are granted, which are possible with a guarantor or a guarantee, but also loans, which do without a query of remark, since this plays no role abroad. Therefore, if you need a loan with a guarantor, it is important that the guarantor is creditworthy and solvent, because only then can he be used as guarantor for a loan with a guarantee. Because if the borrower can no longer pay the loan, the guarantor must meet the further payment obligations. For this reason, the bank requires a guarantor with a good credit rating to ensure that he is able to service the loan in the event of a borrower default.

What should be considered for a loan with a guarantee?

In the case of a loan with a guarantor, it should be the case that the guarantor and the borrower know and trust each other well, because a loan with a guarantee carries a lot of responsibility for both sides. For this reason, both parties should be confident that they are aware of the responsibility before applying for credit. A guarantor loan should only be sought if the borrower is able to pay off the loan so that there are no disagreements and disputes between him and his guarantor. Ideally, the guarantor should only be a hedge for the bank and not be misused by the lender as a loan-forwarder.