Payday Loans – A new Offer from Banks

Up to PLN 50,000 under the payday loan, the new Bank offer.

Up to PLN 50,000 under the loan, the new Bank offer.

With the special promotional offer for new customers, Bank just launched, launching the Credit offer with an interest rate of 4.99%. It is a payday loan launched in the form of a limit in the company account up to PLN 50,000, with no costs at the start from PLN 0 commission.

The new financial offer of Bank – should be of particular interest to companies that have not yet used the bank’s services. As a new client, we have the opportunity to obtain an attractive loan interest rate of 4.99% for those who provide income on the account.

To get a payday loan the first step is to submit an application and we can submit it completely online, without having to visit the Bank branch. This is especially convenient for people who do not have a bank branch nearby. To grant a loan with an online decision, it is not necessary to submit certificates from the Tax Office. Instead, all you need is a company account history from the last six months. As I mentioned in the beginning, the maximum loan amount may amount to PLN 50,000. Even this amount is available without additional loan security. The maximum loan period for this loan offer is 6 months.

PLN 0 commission and PLN 0 for early repayment – an important aspect is the lack of costs at the start because the bank does not charge a commission for granting a payday loan and we also have the option of early repayment.

To the running limit, we receive a company account with modern internet banking. In addition to having traditional account functions such as the ability to make transfers or create a deposit, it also has a number of additional facilities that may be useful for us to manage the company. I mean mainly invoicing software, virtual Safe or cash flow forecasting.

As I mentioned earlier, the offer of this loan is available only for new bank clients. So, those who at the time of applying for a payday loan do not have a paid or active loan in Bank. Opinions about which is available in Bank’s offer can be found in the following comments.