Plans have been made to merge Manchester United and Manchester City into a ‘super club’

At the time, it was said that the two clubs were on fairly good terms. During World War II, City allowed United to play their home games on Maine Road due to damage to Old Trafford.

And in 1964, Frank Johnson, vice-president of City at the time, wanted the two Manchester giants to join forces.

City were faltering in the second division, as United had just finished second in the top flight when the idea of ​​a super club germinated.

Discussions took place but nothing concrete was ever agreed because people from both clubs were not in favor.

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“The idea was killed off by both clubs before it even went public,” Manchester football historian Gary James explained in an interview with Manchester evening news.

“I spoke to Eric Alexander, whose father Albert was president at the time, and he said that Frank Johnson, who came up with the idea, often had crazy ideas.

“Another of his plans was to regionalize the whole league between north and south.

“But City were at their lowest in history at the time. In terms of league standings it wasn’t as bad as it was in 1998-99, but in terms of overall morale, atmosphere and support, it was by far the lowest point in club history.

“At the end of the 90s, we still had over 30,000 games, which meant the club still had high visibility. By 1964-65 we were in the second division, support had fallen to less than 15,000, and general interest in the club had also plummeted.

“There was a feeling it could happen at any club. In fact, all he needed at City was a plan and a vision, and bringing in the right manager.”

“I always believed in the ’90s that City would come back, because of the strength of the support, but back then, in the’ 60s, a lot of people didn’t feel that way.”

City appointed Joe Mercer soon after and not only did he guide the club to the elite, but he staged a league win in 1968 before an FA Cup triumph the following year.

Image: PA
Image: PA

United, meanwhile, won the European Cup in 1968, beating Benfica 4-1 at Wembley Stadium and becoming the first England team to lift the trophy.

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