Preparations made for Pep Guardiola’s next club after Manchester City’s eventual departure

The former Barcelona coach is currently in the middle of his sixth season at Manchester City, making him the longest serving coach of the reigning Premier League champions since club legend Joe Mercer.

The Catalan’s current contract is set to expire at the end of the 2022/23 season, which would complete a seven-year term at Manchester City if he chooses not to sign a new deal.

Understandably, speculation about Pep Guardiola’s next potential destination is a recurring topic among football fans, with many suggesting he will continue to manage a national team.

But according to a new 90-minute report, arrangements have already been made for the Barcelona icon to remain with the City Football Group when he leaves Manchester – in the managerial position in New York.

The MLS club have previously been managed by ex-Manchester City player Patrick Vieira and Domènec Torrent – Guardiola’s ex-right-hand man. Global stars such as Frank Lampard, Andrea Pirlo and David Villa have all played for the club since his debut 2015 season.

Guardiola, however, would surely be the jewel in the club’s short history if he were to be named.

The report says Pep Guardiola intends to leave the Etihad Stadium after his contract expires in 2023 and take up the head coach position in New York, having previously planned the move with Manchester bosses. City.

After leaving Barcelona in 2012, Guardiola spent a year in New York with his family. It was around this time that Manchester City were among the clubs trying to persuade the manager to make them his next team.

While they ultimately had to wait three more years when Guardiola coached Bayern Muich, the manager recently backed a CFG-funded project to build more football pitches in the Big apple, so maybe it’s fair to say that her time in the city left her with fond memories.

It would certainly be fascinating to see Pep Guardiola coaching in the United States, and many football fans could finally get answers as to how he would cope with a put together team on the cheap.

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