Student loan – Focused study without stress.


If you study and need a loan, you can apply for a student loan from banks. Often a loan for students is needed to survive the study without financial worries, because not always the money from the part-time job and student loans, so you have to resort to a student loan, in order to finance his studies can. Many students also can not rely on financial help from parents, as they have financial worries themselves, so there is often no other option but to apply for a student loan in order to continue studying or to start studying. Meanwhile, more and more students are in need of a loan for students to be financially secure for the duration of their studies. Usually, if you want to take out a student loan, you have more options than you might initially expect, because more and more banks and also public institutions offer a loan for students. Depending on the basic conditions and the individual case, it is different which student loan is best suited.

Student loan – Focused study without stress through part-time jobs

A well-known loan for prospective academics and students is offered by the promotional bank , where special education and development loans can be applied for. The advantage with these loans is that the interest rates are usually low, which is a public bank. But even private financial institutions offer attractive offers for the student loan, so are credit offers from online and direct banks usually particularly favorable, as these savings in rental, administrative and personnel costs to pass on to the customer in the form of favorable interest rates.

credit for students

But no matter which loan you choose, for all loans credit guidelines must be met, which are uniform in Germany and therefore apply to each bank. The borrower must be able to prove his creditworthiness with the Studentenkredit, which is done inter alia by the query of the data at the remark, which provides information about the creditworthiness of the borrower. In addition, collateral must be provided which shows the bank that the student is able to pay off the student loan. As a rule, a proof of income is required, but other collateral, such as a life insurance policy or a guarantor, can also be proposed to the bank. The banks will then examine whether lending is possible or not. In general, however, it can be said that it is more likely to get credit for students if you can prove your own income and have chosen a degree program that offers good job prospects.